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      when to hold amlodipine blood pressure Blood Pressure Medication Clonidine, 2022-11-11 Does Viagra Raise Blood Pressure norvasc blood pressure medication Fastest Way To Lower Blood Pressure.

      Although they complained about Lin Fan and the others for not calling him a movie, in fact, even if Lin Fan called when to hold amlodipine blood pressure him specifically, Yang blood pressure when having heart attack Hongxia didn t have time to watch it.

      Meng Anping laughed You just have to be mentally prepared. Don dr oz high blood pressure smoothie t say next year, there may not be results for many years

      Do you understand this Zhou Xiang nodded blankly. But, now we don t does lying down raise blood pressure have customers here, only the boss and the receptionist, then the boss is hungry, who should cook Lin Fan gave Zhou Xiang a norvasc blood pressure medication wink.

      Compared with other singers, the data of Crystal is not lost to anyone at norvasc blood pressure medication all.

      Over time, she developed such a habit, Whenever norvasc blood pressure medication her Blood Pressure Medicine Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication movie is about to be released, Ai Ling always has to make something happen.

      Of course, conversely, it is also possible that neither of them won the award.

      In this way, Rongrong can take her boyfriend to watch the concert together, and the girl can be inseparable from her good friend.

      But in norvasc blood pressure medication order to be able to make appropriate adjustments to the following plots according to market feedback in a timely manner, compress the production cycle of TV dramas to one episode a week, and broadcast while filming.

      The entire music bar can accommodate not too many people, but their blood pressure monitor without cuff 120 over 64 blood pressure screams are no less than a venue with tens norvasc blood pressure medication of thousands of people Coupled with the design of the bar itself and the sound effects, Lin Fan felt that he was not performing on the stage of a bar at all, but on a professional concert stage Not to mention, there was a hot girl on the stage.

      But Lin Fan is still indecisive among these songs, because each song is very good, from the style of the song how to raise blood pressure immediately at home to the idea, from the quality of the song Blood Pressure Pill Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication to the singing effect, any one of them is worthy of this stage.

      Let them kiss Before this impulse newborn blood pressure range could be suppressed by self control, Lin Fan s voice followed the melody and passed into the audience s ears Walking with your mood norvasc blood pressure medication Tramadol And Blood Pressure is messy, but it s sweet Mom, this dog food is so delicious Lin Fan and Xia Yan s voices are very recognizable, and their singing skills are also top notch, and Lin Fan can switch between male and female voices at any time.

      After all, it can make Zhou Yue evaluate norvasc blood pressure medication a sentence singing is ugly , it can be seen that the effect of his singing is indeed a bit scary.

      As the presenters read out the list of finalists one by one, on the stage, the faces of the five finalists were also projected on the big screen through live broadcast cameras.

      They are Zhang Ping, Lao Li, Lao Sun, and a generation who truly loves rock and roll Lin Fan s hoarse, hysterical, and shocking voice on the stage made Zhang Ping s blood flow uncontrollably, and it also made them, who had witnessed the glory of rock and roll, seem to be back in those days, back to that rock and roll era.

      The staff who are used to using it will not be easily replaced.

      Artists only need to be present for business. Artists such as Lin Fan took the announcement and issued the norvasc blood pressure medication plan, but they only had a general understanding of the overall plan 98 over 60 blood pressure and the expected effect, so that they had an idea.

      There is no doubt about the judges vision, which is also the biggest recognition of our movie Xia Yan also nodded That s right As Lin Fan, high blood pressure after abortion you directed the first film.

      In the program, Lin norvasc blood pressure medication Fan inspected the whole yard as soon as he came back.

      But when I heard Running , I remembered that Lin Fan never gave up writing songs, let alone his dream of opening a homestay.

      The most important awards will be the finale. Note that the finale refers to the second to last, not the last.

      Lin Fan rudely brought over those that could be copied. In this regard, Liang Wen has praised Lin Fan more than once for making movies with aura.

      Now that they re norvasc blood pressure medication releasing a new single, won t the rhythm be too fast To be honest, no matter how big a celebrity, how popular a singer, or how guaranteed the quality of a song is, there is simply no way to advertise it in a Blood Pressure Pill Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication week, let alone be fully digested by the when to hold amlodipine blood pressure Fastest Way To Lower Blood Pressure market.

      A little unwilling. Xia Shaozhang smiled A Robert is a pie, so I m going to tell you about the next announcement, aren t you going to be crazy with joy herbs for blood pressure control Lin Fan s eyes lit up, What announcement Yang Hongxia was also very interested Mr.

      These fans failed to grab a nearby hotel, so they had to choose a farther hotel to stay, norvasc blood pressure medication so that the hotels on the entire Huahai Island are now full.

      Indeed, there was no longer any delay, so Lin Fan had to stand up, straighten his clothes, and prepare to go on stage.

      But what does it matter Originally, Xia Shaozhang s focus was not at home, but overseas.

      Lin Fan s smile froze Father in law, did you start before entering the door Xia Shaozhang gave Lin Fan a deep look Young man, it s norvasc blood pressure medication a good thing to be willing does pantoprazole cause high blood pressure to listen to other people s norvasc blood pressure medication Tramadol And Blood Pressure opinions, but you don t have any opinion at all.

      Of course, Li Xiaodong and Lu Bingyang s current fan appeal is also good, but they are just cameos and have no role in acting.

      Not to mention all the first and second tier singers in China, norvasc blood pressure medication most of them have signed cooperation agreements with Wangsheng.

      Therefore, He Li decided early on that on the day of the release, she personally went to the physical store to buy Xia Yan s new album.

      After all, the market environment is different, and the style that the audience norvasc blood pressure medication likes is also different.

      Moreover, in terms of the investment of The Liang Zhu , the box office of 1.

      A row of six guests sudden high blood pressure with headache stood on the stage according to the positions arranged by the director team, waiting for the moment norvasc blood pressure medication of the final blood pressure medication and alcohol appearance.

      Yang Hongxia said angrily, Aren t you happy when you make money Lin Fan thought about it, well, she s really happy.

      while others have nothing to Blood Pressure Pill Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication do in the second half of the year, do all the preparatory work that should be done.

      Xia Yan s voice was high pitched and emotional, like the clarity of a violin Lin Fan s voice was low mellow and lingering, acibademcicek.com norvasc blood pressure medication as tolerant as a cello.

      Then, norvasc blood pressure medication I clicked to listen to it, and appreciated the can high blood pressure make you bleed more difference between Lin Fan s English songs and Chinese when to hold amlodipine blood pressure Fastest Way To Lower Blood Pressure songs.

      Lin Fan Where s my knife Where s my Italian gun Also claiming to be uncle, I am your norvasc blood pressure medication uncle Lin Fan took a deep breath, looked at the remaining popularity points in the system, and Flonase And High Blood Pressure when to hold amlodipine blood pressure decided to love the system again Come again Ding Congratulations to the host for getting a special gift package 10 background music songs Sao Nian, you are now a small coffee in Blue Star, how can you not show up With these 10 background music, you are a man with BGM In your BGM, no one can beat you

      I m looking forward to seeing that day with my own eyes Suppressed by Zhou Yue s strong tone, Yang Hongxia blood pressure 110 74 even took a deep breath Tianwang

      The movie Little Shoes has been well received by the audience since it was broadcast, and will aspirin lower my blood pressure under Lin Fan s call, members of the Lin Fan Fan Support Association actively participated in special public welfare undertakings, which also led to a large wave of enthusiasm The public actively participates and norvasc blood pressure medication contributes to the public welfare.

      I m not saying that if you norvasc blood pressure medication can learn 10 of your sister Lingling, it will be enough for you to use for several years He norvasc blood pressure medication replied, I will study norvasc blood pressure medication Tramadol And Blood Pressure hard, thank the director, thank you sister Lingling After explaining the matter, the director threw Zhou Xiang to Zhang Youling and went back to prepare Blood Pressure Medicine Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication for the shooting of the next scene.

      Okay Xiaowan happily agreed, and then he reacted. Brother Fan, just release it on Teana Music.

      If the ratings after the prime time can be stabilized, then tonight s show will be a great success.

      This attitude of taking care of the guests at every moment and every detail is really very comfortable.

      All this made Lin Fan feel so unreal. After the noisy voice finally faded away, Lin Fan blinked and turned to look at Cheng Guohua Elder Cheng, is there something wrong with my ears Why do I seem to hear the awarding teacher calling my name Cheng Guohua too After being stunned for a moment, a huge surprise came up, and then I saw Lin Fan who was dumbfounded.

      The treasure of Guanyin. The white snake dressed in white was surprised and delighted, and norvasc blood pressure medication Tramadol And Blood Pressure norvasc blood pressure medication Tramadol And Blood Pressure replied Bai Suzhen at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain, I will meet the sergeant.

      So Lin Fan actually has a second English song, But Xiaowan doesn t know how the quality is.

      What Lin Fan wants to convey to the audience through this film is definitely not just a superficial thing like pity.

      However, Lian Xiaoyu kept in mind what Yang Hongxia said, to lay a solid foundation for Zhou Xiang, so that she would not fall into the flashy circle of fame too early and lose her heart, so these olive branches extended from outside were all rejected by Lian Xiaoyu.

      In the next two rounds, both teams accurately guessed the song does zinc raise your blood pressure played backwards by the program group.

      Whatever you see, the prize in my hands norvasc blood pressure medication Tramadol And Blood Pressure is mine anyway After the halftime Blood Pressure Medicine Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication performance, the Best Sound Recording Award, the Best Editing Award, and the Best Cinematography Award were successively awarded three awards belonging norvasc blood pressure medication to the behind the scenes workers, and then came the Best Soundtrack Award.

      Coming and cvs blood pressure check going, amused, and laughing, the whole recording scene was full of joy and lively atmosphere.

      If Lin Fan did not choose to hold this concert on the does nyquil raise your blood pressure beach, but in an indoor venue, I am afraid that when this Flonase And High Blood Pressure when to hold amlodipine blood pressure song comes down, there will already be fans who are too excited and their brains are deprived of oxygen to the point of fainting As long as Lin Fan is on the Blood Pressure Medicine Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication stage, he doesn t seem to have to do anything, and he can directly ignite the passion of the fans, not to mention performing such a classic rock song norvasc blood pressure medication Blast, keep blasting Scream, keep screaming Roar, roar crazy The deafening screams, accompanied by the turbulent melody, were transmitted from the stage all the way, across the 30,000 spectators at the scene, across the long isolation belt, and passed to norvasc blood pressure medication the ears of the staff responsible for maintaining order in the field, and also passed to many who did not buy.

      There is a certain connection between the two, but there is no necessary connection.

      You do, let s go shopping after dinner, okay Xia Yan slept in a daze Don t what happens to your blood pressure when you are dehydrated eat, don t be hungry Don t go shopping, your legs are how to naturally decrease blood pressure weak Lin Fan Food and shopping can t arouse Xia Yan s interest, how can this be done Lin Fan decided to use the ultimate .

      An adult would be diagnosed with hypertension beginning at what level of blood pressure or above?

      trick tickle Sure enough, Xia Yan couldn t take it anymore Ha What are you doing Hahaha, why are you tickling me Stop it Hahaha, I m getting up, I can t get up Lin Fan looked at Xia Yan being crushed by himself It was so drowsy that he didn t reg blood pressure feel norvasc blood pressure medication sleepy anymore, so he gave Blood Pressure Pill Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication up Get up and wash up, what do how much pomegranate juice should i drink to lower blood pressure you want to what causes blood pressure spikes at night eat later What do you do, I will eat.

      It s not that there norvasc blood pressure medication is no precedent before. Although there are few domestic artists who can norvasc blood pressure medication Blood Pressure Pill Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication appear on international shows as guest performers.

      The channel, after entering the infield, meet with Lin Fan. norvasc blood pressure medication As soon as Lin Fan got in the car, a ball of warm when to hold amlodipine blood pressure Fastest Way To Lower Blood Pressure and norvasc blood pressure medication fragrant nephrite threw himself norvasc blood pressure medication Tramadol And Blood Pressure into his arms.

      The variety can zoloft make your blood pressure go up show fans in Ding Ruirui Blood Pressure Medicine Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication s norvasc blood pressure medication team had already ignored the 3721, grabbed the microphone directly, and announced several ways to lower blood pressure at home song names in a row.

      As for the remaining two million sheets, in addition Blood Pressure Pill Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication to the original plan to keep the one million sheets in stock, the remaining one million sheets will be distributed to the physical store.

      So, Hu Yuhua happily signed a first round solo broadcast contract with Wang Xiuying of Magic Capital TV.

      and. What s going on What is this black piece Xiao Xu asked, pointing to a large irregular object on the screen.

      Not to mention that there are so many Diyin Academy students and successful people from all walks of life.

      The indifference norvasc blood pressure medication on Wang s mother s face turned into helplessness I didn t agree, but Teacher Jiang has been single until now.

      After all, a comedy can t make the how can eating a high salt diet increase blood pressure actors laugh, and it won t make the audience laugh.

      and even sell the broadcasting rights to when to hold amlodipine blood pressure Fastest Way To Lower Blood Pressure those norvasc blood pressure medication TV stations that are not on the stars, but the price will be much lower.

      Wang Lei had heard this song for a long time. At that time, he just thought it was good.

      The former is a big hit norvasc blood pressure medication show in the past few years, and the latter is a new show that has just been launched.

      The die hard fans usually sing along from the beginning to the present.

      My sister, it s just that I haven t seen Brother Lin Fan for a long time and I m a little excited

      Mai It s your business to promote competition, and you want to take our show as a gunman dream Ai Ling doesn Flonase And High Blood Pressure when to hold amlodipine blood pressure t mind Flonase And High Blood Pressure when to hold amlodipine blood pressure being blocked, anyway, the words have already been said.

      In addition to the back photo, some media simply posted a photo of norvasc blood pressure medication Lin slightly elevated blood pressure Fan as a picture for the press release.

      But I didn t expect that I didn t eat the dog food, and I actually ate such a big melon first concert Violin Concerto This show is too tall, causing Lin Fan s does eliquis lower blood pressure fans to feel a little melancholy Sister s aunt is more popular than you Fan er In the past, if you didn t leave a way out for others in the circle, forget it, after all, you are a competitor.

      Although Yang Hongxia list of recalled blood pressure meds said that the two of them got through, but when they are undecided, they would rather not make a decision than make a blind decision.

      The door of the lounge was pushed open, Jisha s agent walked in, and norvasc blood pressure medication closed the door.

      In the face of these people who have already entered acibademcicek.com norvasc blood pressure medication the field, Yang Hongxia can t really drive them out.

      It was barely able to hold on, so all the hot searches on the norvasc blood pressure medication Internet were taken away by A Chinese Ghost Story Well, the only funny thing is that the 100 million box office grabbed the first super blog hot search with 300 million box office This first super blog hot search norvasc blood pressure medication is lined up with the second super blog hot search, it s really a bang.

      A woman who beats herself with chicken blood is just too scary

      If people from Star Sky see Fan Ge norvasc blood pressure medication What Effect Does Viagra Have On Blood Pressure s current development, will they vomit blood If Star Star Entertainment, the owner of the Morning Star program, did not forcefully support such royal families acibademcicek.com norvasc blood pressure medication as Li Yingqi, norvasc blood pressure medication but let Lin Fan debut as a group, then Lin Fan would The achievements that Pan has obtained now should also have a share of Star Entertainment.

      Yang Hongxia acibademcicek.com norvasc blood pressure medication interrupted norvasc blood pressure medication Li Xiaodong You don t have to rush to answer me, Go back and think about it carefully, and also ask the people around you.

      Hahaha, Mr. Zhou is here again As soon as Mr. Zhou stops there, I will know who this award is going to next.

      Lin Fan checked it, and indeed, this sheep was not only marinated, but also put on an iron rack.

      The room, um, the bed was clean and tidy, the table and chairs were in their original positions, not like they had been used.

      Place it in common areas such as living room and dining table.

      The audience also had no way of knowing which song .

      Which of the following hormones would not cause an increase in blood pressure?

      Lin Fan and Xia Yan chose.

      It s not just Xinghe, there is already a lot of capital that is contacting Sister Xia.

      You can t play when to hold amlodipine blood pressure Fastest Way To Lower Blood Pressure the piano, but reciting norvasc blood pressure medication poetry is right for the head office, right But the cheat sheet that the maid posted on the soles of her shoes was too small for Yingtai to read.

      Is it possible that Lin Fan will release an album during the Chinese New Year The king and queen don t dare to do this Isn t this a bouncing ticket Aware of this problem, the entire fan norvasc blood pressure medication support club wailed Seeing through and not telling through is definitely not a good friend Don t If I can t buy Fanfan s new album before the new year, I will not have a good time this year Birthday Entertainment King, sisters, why don t you ask Fanfan s assistant, what is the situation Can you release an album this year No need for fans norvasc blood pressure medication Aite, when Wang Lingli saw the word bounced ticket , she had already found Lin Fan s assistant Xiao Wan, and wanted to get the answer from Xiao Wan.

      Born in our Han family When it was down, everyone was so hypocritical, pedantic and snobbish.

      As for why the light aimed at Lin Fan instead of looking for other people, in the words of the manager of the group, it is If you want to challenge, then you have to challenge high norvasc blood pressure medication difficulty As long as you can win against Lin Fan, then Lin Fan will be the two The foundation laid in 2018 is all yours Think about Lin Fan s status in the Huaxia entertainment industry, think about his popularity, and think about the endorsements in his hands, as long as you win against him, these things will become yours I have to say that norvasc blood pressure medication norvasc blood pressure medication the agent s brainwashing ability and ability to fight chicken blood are still very outstanding, and the action force is also very strong, but it is a pity that they rushed over with high fighting spirit, and with a bang, they directly hit the wall with Lin Fan s song Double Cut the norvasc blood pressure medication stick made their faces still hurt to this day Disadvantages of being a teacher diet for gout and high blood pressure are not enough to describe the current situation of the group.

      In the final norvasc blood pressure medication analysis, it is because of Lin Fan s willfulness.

      Just know that it is strong. But now, in the fourth issue of Yearing Yard , a casual shot norvasc blood pressure medication of the photographer let everyone know how strong Lin Fan is Lin Fan has at least 200 songs that have never been released Even the best of these songs has been selected by Lin Fan, and the rest of the second class norvasc blood pressure medication songs are worthy of competition.

      More importantly, because of the regret of the ending of A Chinese Ghost Story , fans have petitioned online, hoping that Lin Fan can shoot the second part, norvasc blood pressure medication and it must be the perfect ending of the scholar Ning Caichen and the female ghost Nie Xiaoqian.

      The guests were Zhuo smoking marijuana blood pressure Yuanquan, so norvasc blood pressure medication as soon as he came out, good diet for blood pressure everyone knew what when to hold amlodipine blood pressure Fastest Way To Lower Blood Pressure song to sing next.

      Tang He came interested How to say I have only made one movie, so I can t give an example, just take songs.

      why is this guy s mouth so norvasc blood pressure medication cheap At the end of the song, the audience burst into warm applause.

      I .

      1. can levothyroxine cause high blood pressure: important Yes, exactly The bearded man s attention has been on the chessboard, but the white haired old man seems to Propranolol For High Blood Pressure be in a hurry.

      2. bupropion high blood pressure: In the blink of an eye, The power of the mountain and river map was crushed and smashed, and the mournful cry of Wu Su before his Does Flonase Cause High Blood Pressure death echoed in the air.

      3. how to lower your diastolic blood pressure: And after arriving at the government office, the prefect Norvax Blood Pressure of the government office also said that they had stolen something very important, and could not help but put them in jail.

      4. healthy blood pressure diet: Having said that, the bearded man turned his head and smiled at the white haired old man, and the ambition in his eyes could Alcohol And High Blood Pressure Medication no longer be restrained.

      5. effect of heat on blood pressure: It s just that some things are indispensable, whether it s to give you a face or Alcohol And High Blood Pressure Medication something.

      6. height and blood pressure: The footsteps were on the ground seven times in a row, and above the sky, when he took these seven steps, there was a thunderous burst of thunder, which suddenly Propranolol Dosage For Blood Pressure fell head on.

      7. blood pressure increase at night: Behind him, followed by a number of government officials, who seemed to want to Clonidine For High Blood Pressure surround the girl.

      believe the above will be very happy to see such a show born.

      It s a pity norvasc blood pressure medication that the pre sale places are really gone. They can only wait for the official release of the album, go to the physical store to scan the goods, or see if there does flomax lower blood pressure are any fish that slipped through the net.

      Although the road was not paved in advance at the beginning, and there were no arrangements for the follow up, Xia Shaozhang felt that Lin Fan was a little impulsive, but compared to those artists who were caught by the norvasc blood pressure medication paparazzi and refused to what foods can i eat to lower blood pressure admit it when they were photographed, they were afraid of losing their popularity because of this.

      But first review the script. If the script has been reviewed, everything is easy to say if the script is not reviewed, it will be troublesome.

      Chen Jie I m sorry to tell you the bad news. My new album Outstanding Self may be postponed in the first half of the year, but it will definitely be released this year, I will release four Ding Ruirui The stamens, um, yes, I m norvasc blood pressure medication Tramadol And Blood Pressure going to bounce the ticket

      If it goes well, it should be released before norvasc blood pressure medication the end of next year.

      The crisp does anemia affect blood pressure and can hormones cause low blood pressure melodious bell and the ancient artistic conception played by traditional musical instruments formed a strong when to take blood pressure after eating auditory impact.

      Hui Qiaodan was born in an ordinary rural family, but in Huaxia more than 30 years ago, ordinary rural families were only able to have food and clothing.

      However, the recording of the theme song .

      What is the minimum diastolic blood pressure?

      went so smoothly, which was also a good thing for Lin Fan.

      More importantly, Yang Hongxia s operation has completely reversed the trend on the Internet, showing her methods to the insiders, norvasc blood pressure medication and staged a crisis public relations that can be called a textbook.

      Change it into a long term meal ticket to make money for yourself Of course, all these experiences have made me go further on the road of music.

      Such an artist with talent and strength, who can direct and act, and still has such a strong box office appeal, if it is a public welfare film he shoots, it should be able to achieve the publicity goal, right Not to mention, Lin Fan has been quietly doing public welfare since the filming of A Chinese Ghost Story.

      But then, the clear drumbeat sounded, and Lin Fan injected when to hold amlodipine blood pressure Fastest Way To Lower Blood Pressure a warm force into the indulgent sadness When I see you again Damn who kne the flaxseed oil high blood pressure planes we flew What kind of journey have you been through

      No way, Lin Fan s fan base was greedy for Lin Fan Blood Pressure Pill Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication s good looks from the beginning, and then they entered the pit.

      By the way, the first issue of the second norvasc blood pressure medication season of Yearing Yard also ended the entire content with a super high click rate

      He couldn t help but poked Zhou Yue with his elbow Hello, does your boss usually do this Start writing songs on the spot without saying a word Lin Fan s brilliant and imaginative works are all written like this Hello This is a bit too exaggerated Zhou Yue Blood Pressure Pill Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication rolled Blood Pressure Medicine Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication his eyes Keep your voice down Don t make a fuss about Lin Fan s creation, it s all basic exercises, just get used to it Meng Anping has a mouth and doesn t spit it out However, seeing Lin Fan s writing non stop, Meng Anping was afraid that his voice would really disturb Lin Fan.

      Lin Fan stood up, norvasc blood pressure medication walked to the side, and sat down beside the piano prepared by the program team for him.

      Since Fanfan is so caring and wants to help the disadvantaged, he should buy less things and do one less beauty treatment to support Fanfan So this As soon as the special public welfare was launched, a large number of donations have been received.

      Suffice it lower blood pressure pregnancy to say that it is very good in terms of sales and quality.

      Director Li smiled at the others. After saying hello, he closed the office door before leaving.

      Yes, there was no possibility norvasc blood pressure medication that Lin Fan would be brushed off in Xia Yan s mind.

      It is worth mentioning that the development cycle of Blood Pressure Medicine Lisinopril norvasc blood pressure medication the game is not fixed.

      Of course, there are also people who want to find another way to gain popularity from another angle.

      For example Robsp The owner of P music bar. Hey Xia, are you here too Ah, yes, I almost forgot.

      to hear the best music presented. And all of this is for Lin Fan

      I can directly give when to hold amlodipine blood pressure the movie script. You two, I can give you three TV drama scripts, and norvasc blood pressure medication after five scripts have been filmed, you still can t finish an animated film Wait a minute, let me take a moment

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